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Tool: viDrop 0.56 AVI XVid Converter for MP4 players


Tool: viDrop v0.56 AVI XVid Converter for MP4 players.

 - fully functional DVD RIP-ing. From the interface you can select the DVD title/chapter, audio language, subtitle language...

- multiple output formats. Now, you can make not only .avi (and OpenDML avi) files, but also mpg, asf, flv, rm, nut, mov, mp4, dv.

- multiple video codecs - encode your video with xvid, iso mpeg4, x264, flv, mjpeg, h261, h263, h263p, msmpeg4, msmpeg4v2, wmv1, wmv2, mpeg1video, mpeg2video, ffvhuff

- multiple audio codecs - mp2, mp3, pcm(wav), aac, ac3

- web video download - You can now download videos from sites like youtube. Supported sites are:
* (bulgarian site)
* (bulgarian site)
Support for new sites will be added in the next version. For example, if you are watching some video at you tube (something like, copy the address from the browser, and then click "Online video download" in viDrop. In the next dialog box, paste the addres, and click OK. viDrop will try to find the real URL of the video file, and will ask you where to download it. Then the download will start, and you will see graphical indication of the download progress. When the download is over, the .flv file will be opened in viDrop. Now you can just watch it (by pressing the ">" button), or convert it to a more common format (like avi).

- multi-language interface - now, you can switch the language of the program interface in just a few clicks. The translation is stored in plain text files named language.lang.txt. Currently there are translations for Bulgarian, English and Russian. The russian translation is very bad (i made it using google translator because I can only read russian, and not write...), so if there are Russians amongst you, please make some corrections where needed, and send me the language file.
Any other translations are also very welcome. I will include them in the next versions.
The language is selected on the "Other..." tab, from the "Language" listbox.

- full automatic updates. On every start, the program checks if there is an update available, and if "yes" it will ask you to download and install the update.

- playback of lots of multimedia files via mplayer. Just open the file with viDrop, and click the ">" button, on the right of the "Input A/V File".


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File Size: 9.06 MB
Version 0.56
Tool: viDrop 0.56 AVI XVid Converter for MP4 players
Date Added: January 29, 2009
Date Updated: January 31, 2009
Download Count: 2168
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