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AMV Convert Tool 4.15 - MP3 Player Utilities 4.15


For all other versions look --> here.

If you have an MP3/MP4 player that supports .AMV video playback, then you will need the following tool to convert your videos to a .AMV file so it will be playable on your player.

This version can now includes the following resolutions:


Instructions on how to convert to an .AMV file can be found here.

Instructions on how to update the firmware of your MP3/MP4 player using the MP3 Player Upgrade Tool can be found here.

Note: You need to have DirectX 9.0 and Windows Media Player 10 (or higher) as well as neccessary CODECS installed beforehand.

You can download the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack from here.

If you have problems installing this software, please have a look at our knowledge base here.

File Size: Unknown
Version 4.15
Date Added: January 6, 2009
Date Updated: January 14, 2009
Download Count: 2050
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MP3 Player Utilities

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