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In association with, this site is aimed at providing owners of unbranded or ’not so well known’ branded MP3/MP4 players (mainly manufactured in China) with downloads for their players and resources to help make them get the most out of their MP3/MP4 players.

On this site, you will find a Downloads area to download Tools, Firmware, Themes, Documentation and Manuals for your MP3/MP4 players. If you require support for your MP3/MP4 player, please go to instead.

Latest Files

20 Sunplus 32-bit games for Sunplus players
May 15, 2011
Action Firmware: KJT-037FV0 / KJT-310 AK1025 1.77
February 5, 2010
8 x Actions 3.0.42 Full Firmware
January 4, 2010
MTV Video Converter 2.9
December 8, 2009
Rockchip Game: Chess
September 25, 2009
Actions Firmware: CTW500 T20 SJ SD75 48 - 2006.10.31 9.0.48
July 28, 2009
Actions Firmware: 9.1.52 for ACU7515
July 28, 2009
Actions Firwmare: Board ID ATJ2085V2 ver.3.2.16
July 27, 2009
Actions Firmware: LG-XZQ SCC03-004 CM50012 7503-v9.1.52
July 27, 2009
Rockchip Firmware: RK2606A ver00.00.0002
July 27, 2009

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Most Downloaded Files

Tool: MP3 Player Utilities 10.0
(MP3 Player Utilities)
Sunplus Firmware: spmp3052A hl171
(Sunplus Firmware)
AMV Convert Tool 3.68 - MP3 Player Utilities 3.68
(MP3 Player Utilities)
AMV Convert Tool 5.09 - MP3 Player Utilities 5.09
(MP3 Player Utilities)
Rockchip Firmware: rk27sdk 1.2 080422 3 Mar 2009 Version
(Rockchip Firmware)

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